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Hi, as a regular contributor to EYEONCTIRUS.COM, I would like to announce the launching of OUTOFTHEBOX.NEWS, a platform in the process of development which will continue the search for the truth in the news today, gleaning it as much as possible in order to present the bottom line, in the jargon of the Corporate CEO.


Our talk about the Federal Reserve and the globalists, and Bernie Sanders the only real alternative to the elite’s chosen bets of Hillary or Jeb! This is the beginning of the rest of the story!



The Caveman, Ancient Civilizations and the people of the middle Ages all directed their eyes to the skies. They knew the skies foretold the future, whether good or bad. But they were primarily concerned with any dire news for the future and they were not talking in terms of our present day Astrology Horoscope reading for your individual astrology reading, the concern was for the whole, their well-being. The Sumerians and the following Civilizations knew the movement of the planets through the solar system and the milky way could have potential catastrophic peril, as a result all these people built some type of pyramids aligned in the same headings in order to accomplish their needs. It was the Kings and the high priests of those times who understood and the rest of the people only got clues and feelings of what might be happening. When this happened the people would pray to the gods, while the Kings, gods, and their entourage would prepare for flight.


During Middle Ages the many things that they saw in the sky were all referred to as comets or falling stars and usually it meant something bad was going to happen, it is likely the reason people say to make a wish when you see a falling star because back in those times it usually meant something catastrophic would occur, be it either sickness (a new plague or sickness) or an upheaval of the earth, such as earthquake, flood or something worst, so make a wish for good luck. The UFO, unidentified flying object, would have been interpreted as something from the heavens whether it is a chariot of the gods or something they hurled down at the people because they were displeased, falling star, comet, etc.

UFO sighting APRIL 10 2015 SKY WARNINGS?

Our pyramids today are the massive telescopes and space exploration through (NASA) men, women and their tools, some of which are Hubble, the space station and satellites. The knowledge of the Solar System and our Galaxy, the Milky Way, still hold the same possible perils yet our leaders and scientists only reveal bits of information, information that they color if it would be too much for the populations of the world to accept, after all the world is always in turmoil, why make it worst? Yet in so many other areas there is complete lack of empathy or concern what is revealed. The masses are spoon fed what they deem necessary to maintain division and apathy, with stories blaming one group or another for the sad state of affairs within our country and the world while they quietly manipulate the events that make the headlines. Their behavior exactly mimics that of those early Kings, High Priest and gods, with their continual warfare that was instilled upon humanity from the beginning for reasons of jealousies, rage, hatred and profiteering. Divide and Conquer the key words of those ancient ones as they are now, because if humanity knew of its true creation saga and why they were jump started around 500,000 years ago, they might unite and speak of peace and prosperity for all and overthrow their masters.


Our friend and collaborator is in the process of setting up a new site, THELONEWOLFPARADIGM.COM, here's it's initial video,

The Lone Wolf Paradigm by EyeON_Citrus

Walk N Talk Post Election Narrative


With the GOP now in control the further adventures of the American Empire and the Homeland Marches you off to World Dominion for the Natural Resources that Mother Terra has to offer!

Walk N Talk Post Election Narrative

With the GOP now in control the further adventures of the American Empire and the Homeland Marches you off to World Dominion for the Natural Resources that Mother Terra has to offer!

Honorable Mr. Douglas Horne truth on JFK cover-up


click here to LISTEN and WATCH VIDEO Douglas Horne five lectures on the cover-up JFK assassination   EOCVIDEOS

The honorable Mr. Douglas Horne provides five highly interesting lectures in this video concerning the cover-up of the JFK assassination. - Mr. Horne, we thank you very much indeed for doing this highly important work.